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"Lots of documentaries these days will tell you to be afraid, very afraid, but few will scare you as coolly and convincingly as Command and Control." - Los Angeles Times

"A terrifying documentary that'll have your heart racing as fast as any Hollywood thriller" - The Philadelphia Enquirer

“As far as horror movie objects go, the turkey baster in Don’t Breathe or the goat in The Witch have nothing on the socket wrench or the switchgear in Robert Kenner’s nerve-melting Command and Control. The pace of the drama is riveting.” - Entertainment Weekly

“Masterfully constructed! As white-knuckle suspenseful as any movie you are likely to see this year.” - Art Forum

"Painted in shades of Vertigo green, the re-enactments come to resemble a Hitchcockian nightmare..." - Indiewire

"Haunting...a potent illustration of the breakdown of the military's command-and-control structure.” - Mother Jones

"Kenner’s masterfully shot and edited documentary proves to be more unnerving than a Hollywood horror film." - CBS News

“Profiles a deadly machine of war gone awry. The film relives the feverish struggle to prevent a nuclear blast from the nation’s most powerful warhead. It’s a mix of documentary footage and vivid recreations." - The New York Times

“A thriller, using the reminiscences of those who were on site to unspool the white-knuckle story.” - Washington Post

“Still frighteningly relevant. A gripping account … told in compelling fashion.” - The Nation

“Uncommonly gripping.” – Newsweek

"Cold War-era thriller with post-apocalyptic nightmare. Given it's all true, this one will stay with you for days after viewing." - Rolling Stone

“Gripping” - The Daily Beast

“Both fascinating and utterly chilling.” - Entertainment Weekly

"High stakes documentary thriller" - Vice

"A chilling case for the unreliability of America’s arsenal-related guidelines, and the perils of proliferation." - Variety

"Tense, scary...with questions that are very much of this moment." - Flavorwire

“Director Robert Kenner masterfully re-creates heart pounding events…to yield something of a documentary thriller” - Washington City Paper

"Compelling! A minute-by-minute recreation of the harrowing event, which, combined with archival and newsreel footage, adds up to a disturbingly cautionary tale about the risks the country’s nuclear arsenal poses." - The Hollywood Reporter

"A fascinating and terrifying documentary about the on-going effects of the Cold War arms race, and how close America came to nuclear catastrophe" - We Got This Covered

"Chilling and prodigiously researched...a terrifying disaster thriller." - Screen Daily

"The 10 best movies at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival" - TimeOut New York

"The 22 Most Anticipated Films of 2016 Tribeca Film Festival" - Indiewire

"Command and Control Terrifying Soon at a Theater Near You" - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Always/Never by Eric Schlosser - The New Yorker